Dying Your Red Hair

When I first went red I went into the salon to get it done professionally, but surprise surprise it was super expensive and faded like crazy! I had been blonde for a couple of years so doing a red colour over the bleached hair caused it to lighten drastically within only a few washes. I loved the colour but going to get it done by my hairdresser every few weeks just wasn’t realistic. From there, I started experimenting with doing it myself at home – I mean how hard can it be right?

Well despite my hours of experience from sitting in the salon chair taking matters into your own hands (especially with red hues) can be a challenge. First I needed to figure out which type of red I was going for. For me, I knew I wanted a warm colour with golden undertones since my skin is pretty fair and freckly. I stumbled upon this great post from the Beauty Department Blog which helped break down the different shades of red.

As much as I admire a girl who can pull off a bright cherry red, I decided to stick with a more ginger/copper light red so it didn’t look too severe and bright. After trying a few different box dyes throughout the summer (plus some great products which kept the colour alive) I settled on Garnier Belle’s Light Golden Red (646). For me, the colour turned out great! Lots of visible highlights and lowlights, however I quickly realized that figuring out which dye works best for you is only the beginning of your journey as a redhead!

Be sure to check back into see which products I’ve found work the best, how to keep your colour vibrant, at-home tips, and easy DIY tutorials!

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