At-Home Tips and Tricks

Aside from the products I mentioned in my post last week, there are definitely other ways to keep your colour alive, not only for redheads, but really with any colour-treated hair!

  1. Don’t wash your hair everyday!!! Not only is washing your hair everyday bad for making your colour fade, but is also bad for your hair and scalp! Since you naturally produce oils to keep your hair healthy, washing each day strips your hair of these essential proteins which leads to it feeling super dry, OR super oily, as the process accelerates. Obviously it depends on each person, but you should be able to get by washing your hair once every second day. Dry shampoos are a great way to keep your hair feeling fresh without the fade!
  2. A little bit of shampoo, a lot of conditioner! My hairdresser taught me this years ago, and it really stuck with me. Shampoo’s a great help for getting rid of product buildup, but as I mentioned, when you use a ton it takes away from your colour! Even with long hair, a quarter-sized amount is plenty. Conditioner is really important for keeping your hair moisturized and healthy, so be sure to use plenty with each wash.
  3. Rinse with cold water. This one, I’ll admit, isn’t much fun. But boy does it really make a difference. Giving your hair a good 30-second rinse with cold water at the end of your shower has a couple major benefits: it makes your hair far softer, shinier and decreases frizz (which therefore reduces the amount of products and heated tools you need to use too!). Since cold water seals your pores, it keeps all the proteins and nutrients from your conditioner in. After the first time trying this I really did notice a difference in my hair feeling more manageable, and after a few months you notice less breakage and split ends. Oh, and of course, less fading of your colour too!
  4. Avoid heat! Since dying your hair stresses and dries it out, reaching for your curler or flat iron less often has its benefits. Personally, I can’t follow this tip religiously since my hair naturally looks like a lion’s mane. However, little habits like leaving enough time for your hair to air-dry, or keeping either a straight or curly look for two days in a row allows you to not reach for the heated tools as often besides for touch-ups (again, another benefit for keeping second-day hair!). Styling you hair with tools each day that reach over 400 degrees can really have severe damage on your hair.

Any other helpful tips and tricks for keeping your red radiant? I’d love to hear them!

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