Makeup for Reds

Everyone has a happy place, Sephora just happens to be mine. This week I went through my makeup bag and picked out my go-to products from foundation to lipsticks which I’ve found work best with fair complexions and red hair.

FullSizeRender (1)2Primer: I love the way Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light primer keeps my foundation stay all day. Though this product is on the pricey side ($45) it lasts for months since you only needs a pea-sized amount. Also, for those of you who have red tones in your skin (which can be really common in fair complexions) I’ve also tried their Photo Finish Color Correcting primer as well and found great results. However, I generally only get red blemishes around my chin area, so I’ve decided to use a green concealer stick on my problem areas alone, since I don’t need color correcting coverage on my entire face. Smashbox has a ton of other primers specific to different skin tones which is worth checking out.

Under-eye concealer: The second thing I put on after my primer is Garnier’s Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller concealer, which just as the name suggests, completely gets rid of tired-looking eyes. I really like the roller because its formula is light which makes it super easy to blend.

Foundation: I have tried a ton of different foundations and seldom find one that I love. From light to heavy coverage, and Cover Girl to Estee Lauder, I find that your foundation routine really depends on the time of year. As the seasons change my skincare routine does too and in the winter I am often faced with dry, flakey skin. On top of using a good moisturizer, finding a foundation that works for your skin type is just as important. Currently, I’ve been using Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in the shade Champagne. I’ve grown to really like this one as it’s light feeling but has a great amount of coverage without feeling cakey.

Powder: In addition to the Benefit foundation, I have also been using their Hello Flawless Powder to set my foundation. Again, it provides great coverage without feeling heavy or too done-up.

Brows: In a few weeks I’m planning on doing a tutorial on my brow routine (plucking, shaping, and filling in), however I had to mention my favorite go-to products since framing your brows to match your hair colour is a step which can sometimes be ignored. Most brow pencils, gels, or powders you’ll find are for either blondes or brunettes so it’s been quite a challenge to find the right colour that matches my red hair. I came across Annabelle’s eye brow pencil in the shade auburn, which so far is the only brow product I’ve found which matched my hair color. First I use the pencil to create little strokes (not a solid line!!!) to fill in the lighter areas of my brows, and then finish them off with Benefit’s Gimme Brow gel in light brown. As much as I wish they carried a matching auburn colour, the light brown does the trick as it doesn’t take much away from the colour, while both filling and taming the eyebrow hairs.

Eyeliner: Like everyone else, I’ve also become obsessed with Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner. It took me a little while to get used to using a gel liner pen, but once I got the hang of it I’ve been completely converted. From doing a thin line for everyday wear to dramatic cat eyes, this liner is great and versatile. In addition, I’ve also been using Benefit’s Eye Bright illuminating liner in the corner of my eyes and on my lower lash line make my eyes look more opened up and awake.

Mascara: I’ve tried both expensive and cheap mascaras, and to be completely honest they all do the trick. Lately I’ve been using a Maybelline one, but when it comes down to it I rather invest my money in products which I know will be good for my skin and last all day, such as my foundation or makeup

Lips: With red hair, I generally use lighter pink and nude shades of lipstick and liner and stay away from corals and plums. My current favorite is Estee Lauder’s Pure Color lipstick in Crystal Baby as well as Make Up Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in Pink Beige. Both brands are great since they’re both moisturizing and give you the perfect pop of rosey colour without clashing with the red hues of your ‘do!

Bronzer: So by now you’ve realized I’m quite the advocate for Benefit Cosmetics – it’s borderline becoming an obsession. But truly, I love love love their Hoola bronzer. With bronzers I often find that it’s tough finding one that you can use with fair, freckled skin, but Hoola is the perfect light shade which is easy to contour and blend with while leaving your skin feeling and looking matte.

Blush: After contouring with bronzer, I usually follow with either of Benefit’s Bella Bamba or Rockateur blushes. The first is a super bright pigmented watermelon pink which is perfect for achieving fun, rosey cheeks, while the second is a really pretty shimmery ballerina pink – great for illuminating your cheek bones and even as an eye shadow.

Setting Spray: I don’t always use a setting spray, but before a night out or a big event when I’m wearing a lot of makeup, a setting spray can really help keep everything in place and fresh. Currently I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter, which is great but a bit on the expensive side at $36.

Have you tried these products? What brand are you obsessing over? Comment below!

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