All About Curls

Curling your hair never seems to go out of style – but with about a million and one different products and methods even the basics can be a bit overwhelming. This week I tackle Curling Your Hair 101: curling irons sizes, tips and tricks, and go-to products to make your curls last.

Curling ironsSizes

1. ¾ inch: This thin curling wand helps you achieve textured and spiraled ringlets (Carrie Bradshaw circa season 1).

2: 1 inch: this iron is my go-to when I want a classic curl look. Though initially the curls come out pretty tight, I find with my hair they loosen throughout the day which leaves me with a polished and bouncy look (think Taylor Swift when she still played country).

3: 1.25 inch: Though there isn’t a ton of difference between the 1 and 1¼ irons, I find that the bigger one creates more voluminous curls that are a bit less spiraled (see picture below).

4: 2 inch: My HotTools 2 inch curling wand is my latest purchase and I love it! By using a big barrel, you are able to achieve the look that you blow-dried your hair with a rounded brush, but without all the fuss. Unlike the other irons, this one creates a ton of volume while only rounding the ends of your hair (think Kate Middleton). Though it doesn’t curl the entire length of your hair, it tames and calms frizz throughout the layers creating a more polished look. Be warned, this one can be a bit tricky getting used to since it’s a lot bigger (I got a nice huge burn on my neck the first time!).

Clip or no clip?

Lately it seems as though curling wands with no clip are becoming a lot more popular – however I still use both. It really depends on what look you’re trying to achieve: for tighter, more uniformed curls I would suggest one with a traditional curling iron, but for looser, more beachy curls a wand with no clip can be a lot easier to use.

Tips and tricks:

  • By holding the curling wand upside down, beginning at the base of the root down to the ends of your hair you can create beachier, softer curls.
  • You can create more than one look with your hair from the same curling iron! By wrapping your hair flat around the barrel you’ll get more polished curls, while if you twirl a section with your fingers before wrapping it around the iron you’ll get looser, more bohemian-looking waves.
  • Always curl the front pieces of hair away from your face (to the right on your right side, and left on your left) to help frame your face.
  • Piecing your hair into two or three sections (from your ears down, from your eyebrow level down, and then the top of your head) can help you get more even curls without missing any pieces.
  • Generally, use about 1-2 inch sections of hair per curl.
  • For looser curls with a small iron, use bigger sections of hair.

Products that make your curls last:

  • Tresemme’s 24 Hour Body Amplifying Mousse – when I’m planning on curling my hair, I’ll often put mousse in my hair while it’s still wet and blow dry it first. By having that product in your hair from the beginning, I find it really helps a) curl your hair and b) make your curls last longer.
  • L’oreal’s Elnett Satin Hairspray – I love this one when curling my hair because it doesn’t leave it feeling stiff or crunchy. It’s great for touch-ups throughout the day/night and leaves your hair looking and feeling shiny.

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    1. Thanks julie! And yes unfortunately it is! Its a bit on the pricey side ($10) but I find it lasts a long time and I don’t need to use as much compared to others to do the trick! But in comparison it feels a lot softer and lighter!

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