Nashville-Inspired Long Bob

Feeling spontaneous, I decided to completely chop off my hair a few weeks ago. After spending years growing my hair out I had the “oh my goodness, what did I just do” moment as soon as I got home. After the separation anxiety passed (yes, this exists) I realized that not only did I love the simplicity of having my hair shorter, but I could still achieve a ton of the same styles as before – and they took way quicker to do!FullSizeRender (6)

Today I’m posting a “Nashville” inspired look. Any of my friends will know that Connie Britton is my absolute hair icon, so I’m excited to share this easy tutorial!

The do’s:

  • Separate your hair into three sections (from the ears down, from the eyes down, and then the remaining amount on the top)
  • Use a 1 inch curling wand – I find these waves work much better with a barrel that has no clip
  • Hold the wand upside down as you curl – it creates a more relaxed look
  • Alternate the direction of curls – every-other curl should be either towards the front or the back
  • Lots of hairspray – you need a lot of hold for this big-as-Texas do

You can switch up the size of the barrel but I find 1 inch works best as the curls will loosen throughout the day either way. Refer to my All About Curls post for more tips and tricks.

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