Longer Lashes

Life is short, but your lashes don’t need to be. I find the easiest way to feel put together when in a rush is with a little help from our friend mascara. Whether it plays a part in your daily makeup routine, or you use it only for going out, accentuating your lashes brings more focus to your eyes.  This week is all about longer lashes: the best products, tips and tricks to avoid clumps and the much dreaded spider-lashes, and answering the big question of how to use false lashes.


If you’ve read my Makeup for Reds post then you know I am a devoted Benefit Cosmetics girl through and through. My all-time favorite mascara is their they’re Real!. The formula applies easily and is clump-free, and the applicator brush has bristles which really separate and get between your lashes to help achieve the biggest look possible.

 All about Falsies

As much as I love a big glam look for special occasions, generally I don’t use the entire pack for day-to-day wear. Quo’s “Flirty” lash set is my go-to (available at Shopper’s Drug Mart for about $10).  Remember that you can get a couple uses out of each set provided you take good care of them.FullSizeRender (8)

With a small pair of scissors, you can divide the lashes into three one-centimeter long sections (the width of your pinky nail). Using DUO’s Eyelash Adhesive in Dark, apply a thin layer of glue to the seam of the lashes. Now wait… and wait… and wait. It can be tempting to apply the lashes as soon as the glue goes on but there is no greater pain than getting lash glue in your eye. After about one minute (once the glue becomes dark and tacky) use tweezers to apply the lashes right above your lash line on the outer-side of your eyes – this will give you a nice full look by adding volume and length to your already-longer lashes. I use the dark glue since I find it blends a lot better with my eyeliner and helps avoid the look where there’s a space between your real lash line and the falsies.

Tips & Tricks

  • Mascara is buildable – if you’re not happy with the first application you can do more! However, make sure you give it a couple minutes between coats or else you might end up with a big clumpy mess.
  • To give your lashes that extra oomph, looking downwards apply a light coat on the backside of your lashes. You’ll be surprised how much this can really add.
  • Go easy on your bottom lashes. You may want to add as much product to your lower lashes but remember there’s not as much to work with. The top lashes should be the emphasis.

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