Spring Essentials

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring which calls for us to act as if life is rosy – even if it’s still cold out for a little while longer.  This week I’ve picked out a few of my favorites which I find bring a bit of life to this time of year.

FullSizeRender (13)

  1. Pearls – Maybe I’m a bit biased from currently reading the Jackie O biography… but I love pearls and spring is the perfect time to turn a simple necklace into a staple in your outfit. Whether it’s your Grandmother’s which were passed down to you or a fun cheap one from Forever 21 (like the one in the picture!) adding a pearl necklace or earrings can be an easy way to add a feminine flair to tie your outfit together.
  2. Michael Korrs watch – bringing in a touch of colour with a rose gold tone is an easy way to lighten up your look. I’ll admit this one is on the pricey side however I’ve found that Aldo is a great place to find some affordable alternatives.
  3. Benefit’s High Beam illuminator – Benefit calls this product “supermodel in a bottle” – and I’ve got to say bringing this sheer cream into your makeup regime can add a lot. Personally I use it for highlighting: in combination with their Hoola bronzer, I add a bit (honestly a little can go a long way) to the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, and brow bones to help create a contrast with the contouring bronzer.
  4. Pecksniffs England Rose & Peony Dry Body Oil – I bought this one on a whim and really love the way it moisturizes and smells. It’s made with argan oil which leaves your skin really soft jackie owhen you spray it on after the shower. The scent is super light and floral which is perfect for this time of year… I even bought their candle in the same scent! I lucked out finding this buy at Winners for $12.
  5. Benefit Dandelion blush – This colour is the perfect ballerina pink. It’s a great go-to when you don’t want to wear a bold blush but still want to bring some colour to your cheeks. In combination with the High Beam cream it creates a really pretty soft pink.
  6. Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow in the shade r.s.v.p. – When I’m in a rush (which is the majority of the time since sleep > getting ready) this eye shadow is a great product to use. Just by applying it over my lids using my fingers it creates a subtle sheen which, as the name promises, doesn’t crease and lasts throughout the entire day.
  7. Last but certainly not least – any bow or hair accessory in a soft or pastel shade. If you’re familiar with any of my past posts you’ll understand why this is an essential!

Happy spring everyone!!

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