Contouring is all the rage: to make your cheek bones more defined, slims your nose, and makes your overall face seem thinner who wouldn’t want to get in on this style? Whether you’re going for a subtle way to add some definition to your features or full chabang Kim K., here are some tips on the craze of contouring.


You can use either liquid or powder products for this look – do what you’re most comfortable using. Liquid can be easier to blend out but powder is (likely!) something you have in your makeup bag already.

Contour: Find a good bronzer that is a noticeable shade darker than your skin tone. My favorite is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.

Highlight: Just the opposite – find a nice light tone with, or without shimmer, depending on the look you’re going for. In this video I use the Too Faced Natural Face palette’s brightening cream. Benefit’s High Beam illuminator is the best for a shimmery, dolled up look.

Blush: To bring some colour and focus to your now-rockin’ cheekbones use your favorite blush. Whether it’s a bright pink like Benefit’s Bella Bamba or something more subtle like their Dandelion ballerina pink this will help brighten up your face. In this video I use the Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves face powder.


  • To contour you want an angled brush that will really help you build up the line under your cheek bones.
  • In the video I use my finger for the highlighter – I find it gives me better control for applying it to the right areas, but you can also use a powder brush.
  • To blend it all out (so there’s no noticeable lines) use a nice big fluffy brush – my favorite is my kabooki brush which you can find at any beauty or drug store.



  • Imagine a line drawn down each side of your face from your ears to the corners of your lips – apply your darker colour here. (You can suck in like a fishy to help see where your cheekbones pop!)
  • A light amount down each side of your nose, blending it away from the bridge.
  • Apply the bronzer across the top of your forehead and temples, following your hair line.
  • Even out your look – make sure that you’ve applied a bit of the darker colour to under your chin and jawline, and down your neck.


  • Down the bridge of your nose.
  • Tops of your cheek bones.
  • If you’re looking for some extra brightening – apply to the inner corners of your eyes, chin, cupids bow, and under the arc of your brows.


  • Blend blend blend!! Make sure there are no harsh lines left.

What are your favorite products for contouring/highlighting? Any tips and tricks you’ve found??

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