Bye-bye Brass!

I recently went back to blonde which, just as with red, calls for the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your colour vibrant – and, in this case, from going brassy!

From ash to platinum, brassy tones get the best of all brass banisherblondes if they don’t use a purple toning treatment weekly which is why combining it in your shower routine is the easiest way to maintain your colour.

For a long time I used AG’s Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo which I love – however it’s quite pricey ($44). While at the drug store last week I saw that L’Oréal has come out with a new sulfate-free EverPure Blonde – Brass Banisher line which I had to try. Already a fan of their hair products, I was happy with the results. I saw an instant improvement in the tone of my hair plus it was left feeling super soft and moisturized, which when bleaching your hair is often a challenge!


  • Shampoo: for a sulfate-free product, this shampoo surprisingly suds up a lot! A little bit goes a long way. First apply through the lengths of your hair making sure all areas get into the lather. Work your way up to your scalp and message for about a minute. If you’re battling extra brassy tones, leave it in for a couple minutes.


  • Pretty standard! Focus on the lengths of your hair then to your roots. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse.
  • This one isn’t a must – if you’re going to choose between investing in either a purple toning shampoo or conditioner – go with the shampoo. The two products do work great together as well.

Toning shampoo doesn’t need to be used with every wash – generally once every few washes will do. 

Bye-bye brass, hello beautiful blonde!

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