Gimme Brow

Some are born with great brows.

Some achieve great brows.

Others have great brows drawn upon them.

By now, just about everyone’s caught up in the recent eyebrow craze. Whether you’re inspired by Cara Delevigne’s power brows or the classic Audrey, a number of new products have come out this year to help us all achieve the extra oopmh we need to fill and tame ours.

To fill:IMG_1669

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow pomade is an amazing go-to to help fill in bare patches and add depth to your look. I originally tried this product out while my hair was red since I noticed most other brands generally only offer a few shades for blondes and brunettes. This pomade has great coverage and nicely keeps your brows in tact throughout the day in case you’re prone to unruly hairs. Note that a little products goes a long way! For best results lightly dab a lining brush into the pod and lightly create strokes in the same direction of your hairs to create a natural look.

To tame:

Benefit’s Gimme Brow volumizing fiber gel is hands down the best brow product I’ve come across. Just as with the up-and-coming fiber mascaras, this product truly adds volume creating the impression that your brows are fuller rather than just adding colour. After using this your brows look nice and natural.

Tips and tricks:

  • If you have thin or sparse areas try using a brow pencil (for a few dollars from the drug store) to help fill in any bare spots. Just as with the pomade, create small strokes in the direction of your natural hair line to create a natural look.
  • To help make your brows wow, add a bit of illuminator right under the arc of your brow to help draw focus. I love Benefit’s High Brow.
  • A little clear mascara or a light spritz of hairspray over your spoolie brush to go over your brows can help keep your brows locked and good to go for the day!

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