Dress for Success: Building Your Work Wardobe on a Budget

Going from class to an office setting can be a tricky adjustment – the hours, the routine, and most of all the attire. When I first started working in the corporate world I had a tough time building a work wardrobe since generally you want to get a sense of what the other ladies are wearing but also since they can be pretty pricey.

With the beginning of summer I decided to go on a bit of a haul to H&M to buy some new staples for my work clothes this season. With a budget of $275, I made a pretty big bang for my buck by choosing pieces that can be used a number of ways.H and m

Here it goes – my first fashion how-to blog!

Monday:FullSizeRender 2

Outfit: This fun black polka dotted dress was only $39! Paired with black wedges and a purse it was a super easy outfit to pull together for a Monday morning.

Hair: Straightened with my bangs pinned back in a traditional French braid.

Tuesday:IMG_2136 2

Outfit: I love, love, love this skirt! My biggest splurge of the haul at $59, its vintage, floral lace and design is very classic and feminine. Paired with a blue cotton button-up blouse and nude wedges, this outfit was a lot of fun and had a very southern belle feel.

Hair: Second day hair – touched up with a 2 inch barrel.


Outfit: Since I loved the black polka dotted dress so much, I bought it in cream as well (again, only $39). Paired with a gold necklace, earrings, and tan Steve Madden wedges, this was an easy go-to for hump day.

Hair: French Twist.

Thursday: FullSizeRender (1) 2

Outfit: I went very navy on Thursday with a dark blue polka dotted blouse ($19) and high wasted paneled skirt ($49). Paired with a pearl necklace and earrings, and black wedges this outfit was fun and girly, but dressy enough for the office.

Hair: Curled with 1 inch barrel.

FridayFullSizeRender (2)

Outfit: At my office we have casual Friday. I decided to go with my last buy from the haul – a ruffled cream shirt ($29), and a pair of jeans with open-toed wedges. (and, yes! I did use St. Tropez Thursday night to get a glow for the weekend!)

Hair: Second day hair, baby! Loose waves from the one-inch curls the day before.

And just like that – 6 staples for my summer office wardrobe for $275.

Where’s your go-to for fashion hauls? Are you all about the cheap finds or save up for designer? Let me know your tips and tricks!

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