Elle Woods Nails

I’ll be honest, these nails were inspired from watching Legally Blonde last night. How can you not aspire to wear more pink after seeing Elle Woods? These two polishes together are so bright and fun which make for the perfect look for a summer weekend.


  • OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby hot pink.
  • OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want! glitter clear coat.
  • Revlon Base + Top Coat
  • Nicole Drying Drops – this is absolutely my favorite nail product of all time. I always managed to smudge at least one nail while waiting for them to dry until I started using this quick dry formula. Apply two drops to each nail once you’re finished painting and they’ll be all sealed and good to go a minute later!

How to:

  • Apply Base + Top coat
  • Apply two coats of the hot pink.
  • Apply one coat of the glitter top coat.
  • One last application of the Base + Top coat.
  • Β Finish up with the drops and you’ll be good to go!


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