Mini Haul: Summer Fresh Face Go To’s

Generally, I haven’t been one for doing makeup hauls since products work so differently for each person’s unique skin tone however I’ve found these products have been a solid go to for me during the summer months for a fresh complexion.

FullSizeRender (1)

1. Maybeline Dream Bouncy Blush ($12) – after reading a TON of raves on this product I finally had to try it for myself. Usually I turn to powder blushes for a matte finish but this formula is honestly fantastic. Super spongy and bizarre to the touch, it ends up with the same matte appearance yet stays on the entire day. I decided on Rose Petal which is a super light, ballerina-y pink.

2.  Gimme Brow ($28) – a bit of a splurge, but entirely worth it. I mentioned this is my all-time favorite brow product – I keep replacing it as soon as I’m out. Fun tip – instead of just sweeping it across your brows in the direction of your hairs, first apply the product going against the grain, then comb back over in the natural direction. The fibers will be added to both sides of your hairs giving it that much more coverage.

3. Maybeline Dark Circle Eraser ($12) – I think that an under-eye concealer is an essential in every girls makeup bag. Whether you really do battle with dark circles or just look fatigued first thing in the morning, this one is a really great cheaper alternative to splurging on a higher-end line. I find it’s super blendable and has better coverage then some of the more expensive concealers.

4. Vichy Dermablend Foundation ($29) – With the changing weather and allergies, lately I’ve been dealing with the worst breakouts and this is honestly the first foundation I’ve found in ages that works for me. My worst fear with foundation is looking cakey but I still need medium coverage for blemishes. This product has a great, super blendable formula but still delivers in covering up any red tones and scars. Major plus: this Vichy line is hypoallergenic and paraben-free which helps avoid breakouts and further irritations from wearing makeup (such a vicious cycle, isn’t it!).

Have you tried any of these or have other go to’s for summer? I’d love to hear them!

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