KISS Contouring: Keep it Simple… Sweetheart!

Contouring… highlighting… strobing… baking. It seems there’s a million and one ways to fake it by using shading/lighting techniques on your face. Keeping it super simple, here are a few great products to get a defined look without caking your face with products.

Untitled 2 ed

Step 1:

Foundation: Primer and foundation are key – it gives you a fresh pallet to work with as you go to build colours to highlight your features. I’ve found that with the hot, humid weather, Lancôme’s Teint Miracle ($45 at Shoppers) works best for me. It lasts throughout the entire day without feeling heavy. This one’s on the pricier end, but the bottle lasts quite a while and the quality can’t be beat by a drugstore product.

Step 2:

Contour: Clinique’s Curvy Contour chubby stick is hands down the best contouring product I’ve tried ($24 at Shoppers or the Bay). The formula is smooth and super easy to blend with your fingers tips, the colour is perfectly on point (no orange tinges – just a great base tan colour), and there’s no mess or fuss using it since it rolls up in the tube just like lipstick. Just apply below the cheek bones, down the sides of your nose, and any other areas of the face you want some definition and blend!

Step 3:

Highlight and Glow: Coming across these two last products was a pleasant surprise – first because they’re by Physicians Formula which is known to use dermatologically-friendly ingredients, and because they were each on sale for $8!

  • First, the Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick – talk about a product that does it all. This compact stick acts as a light foundation, concealer, highlighter, and touch up tool all in one. It has the same look and feel as the Clinique highlighting stick but was a third of the price! After applying my foundatiFullSizeRender (5)on and contour colour, I used this to go over any dark circles under the eyes and red tones in my problem areas. Just as it says, it did wonders on concealing everything and gave a great airbrushing effect.
  • Second, the Nude Wear Touch of Glow liquid concealer. Just as with the first product, this one does a great job giving coverage to any areas that need brightening up, but also has a nice shimmer to it. Together, they work really nicely to light up the cheek bones, ridge of the nose, chin, and under the brow.

All products are easy, bendable, and will be sticking around in my makeup bag for a while!

Have you guys tried any of these products? Or are there any others you’ve stumbled upon and were happy with? I’d love to hear!

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