Dirty Works!

I am absolutely smitten with a new skin care line I discovered on a whim at (you guessed it) Winners. Dirty Works is a British cosmetic and beauty company which not only has fun and sassy products, but formulas that actually do what they say!

First it was the face mask. Usually I’m not one for mud/clay/pore-unclogging/blackhead-lifting/etc/etc/etc. masks. Generally, they’ve always seemed like a waste of time and money to me. maskDon’t get me wrong – they’re fun to do on a girls night but when it comes to actually helping my problem areas I’ve never had much luck. As I walked through the beauty isle at Winners I couldn’t help but stop and look at this bottle with bright blue polka-dotted packaging. It read DETOX MASK across the front with the text, “The quick fix beauty essential to help draw out impurities from your skin leaving it fresh and glowing.” Just like they’d hope from their target demographic I was game.

That night after my shower I gave it a go and was I ever impressed. My skin felt so smooth, the redness had gone down, and even the dry areas seemed to have totally disappeared. Ever since I’ve been religious with using it weekly on Sunday nights – it’s a great way to feel fresh and good to go for the week… detoxed!

After having such a great experience with the first product, during my next trip to Winners I went to check out if any of their products caught my eye. At the time I had some blemishes from the hot humid weather and was looking for a light moisturizer to get me through the last month of summer. I stumbled upon their Youth Code serum which claimed to be a “8-in-1 Miracle Serum” that helped increase firmness, brighten, hydrate, even skin tone, fill fine lines, diminish wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and smooth skin texture. Generally, I don’t look at anti-wrinkle creams since I know that using them a lot miraclein your early 20’s can alter their effectiveness with your skin later in life, but after being so impressed with the first product I figured I’d give it to try.

LADIES, I could not stop touching my face. Not only did it make my skin feel super smooth and soft but my tones look improved too. It was as if I was using a foundation primer as a moisturizer.

You have to, have to, try these products if you have a chance. There’s only one catch – after doing some research on their website I found out that unfortunately buying their line outside of the UK is a bit of a gamble. They’re retailed at Winners, Marshalls and Homegoods in Canada and at TJ MAXX and Marshalls in the States. As they say it’s a bit of a “grab it while you can” situation for us in North America – however if you do come across there products I would highly recommend trying them out! I see and feel a major difference in my skin and will stocking up on these goodies!

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Happy September! xo

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