The “undone” look was actually that easy?

It’s fall, which means baggy sweaters and leggings with the perfect messy bun or loose curls…. You know, the perfectly “undone” look. There’s an art to brushing your brows and not your hair. To the girls who cover Instagram and Pinterest who somehow manage to do so – I salute you.

Hair’s too flat? Doesn’t hold the way you wanted? Awkward length? No need for a pity party! Work with what you’ve got and embrace your hair’s texture. A little reminder that unless you’re Beyoncé (queen), no one wakes up like that – but that doesn’t mean we should give up on the effortless look.

I recently received some goodies from Garnier Canada and decided to put them to the test. Not just how it looked when I finished my hair before work, or by the end of the day, I’m talking do-the-curls-make-it-to-second-day-and-still-look-good-enough-to-wear-again test? Because if we can’t rely on second-day hair, how are we ever going to have the time to play with the new Snap chat features or watch Scandal? #priorities

The prep:

  • After getting out of shower, apply a dollop of Sky-HI Volume Mousse. Yes, my hair is thick and doesn’t need more volume at the root per se, but I find using a product in your hair while it’s still wet really helps hold curls once it’s dried. Brush, blow or air dry, and head to bed. For me, washing my hair the night before and styling it in the morning works best. I’m working with a lot of hair, so letting it set over night seems to take out the craziness out of it (a bit). But you do you – whatever works best!

How to:

  • In the morning I sectioned my hair into three parts: from ear-level down, from eye-level down, and the top section of my hair including my bangs.
  • Using a 1 1/2 curling wand UPSIDE DOWN (this is key – it will give you beachier, more relaxed curls) I worked through each section.
  • As I finished each section I would spritz with the Beach Chic Spray throughout to make sure each curl was misted.

Finishing touches:

  • Lastly, I finished up by using the De-Constructed Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray. This, I’ve got to say, really did it for me. As I said – embrace your texture and work with products that help do so. Using a dry oil spray instead of a regular hairspray really seemed to set my hair perfectly as it gave it texture yet held my curls in tact.


It was actually that easy. Yes, #HairGameOnFleek.

Have you guys tried any of these products? Please let me know – I’d love to learn your tips and tricks!

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xo Shan


A big thank you to Garnier Canada!

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