Going Nude

By which I mean the natural eye shadow look.

The naked look launched by Urban Decay set the trend for universally flattering neutral colours from beige to dark brown. From the first Naked Palette to 2, 3, Basics, Smokey, Flushed, and so on and so forth, a number of additional palettes have come out over the past two years which have turned into a girls go-to for colours that can be worn for both day and night looks.

The catch? They generally run from $29-65 per palette. I’ll admit I love my original one and I would say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it, but to go spend that amount on each one would be too much.

The solution? The perfect drugstore dupe. Maybelline New York’s the Nudes collection – $10.

FullSizeRender (2)


Urban Decay Naked

  • Darker, bolder, more pigmented hues which (in combination with their primer) last all day and night
  • For the more advanced makeup girl – the colours can be harsh if not blended correctly
  • Super blendable
  • Easy-to-apply
  • More shimmery than matte
  • A little product goes a long way
  • Better quality
  • Great applicator brush included
  • More durable case – but a bit bulky

Maybelline the Nudes

  • Great for beginners
  • Lighter, more neutral colours
  • More matte than shimmery
  • Less amount of product
  • Shadow lasts all day/night
  • Incredibly easy-to-understand corresponding colours. Check out their pro website here to see how the quads are broken down into contouring and highlighting duos/trios/quadruples to get the look you’re going for (pictured below)
  • Case isn’t as great of quality, but smaller and easier to fit in your makeup bag on the go



For more than less than half the price – the Maybelline palette is a fabulous dupe for those who aren’t wanting to spend a fortune on shadow or want to play around with the colours before making a splurge. I was pleasantly surprised on how long-lasting the colour is as it stays put throughout the entire work day.

Bonus – Maybelline recently launched a Blushed Nudes addition which matches the Naked 3 palette with its rose gold hues.

What are your thoughts? Which do you rather – the real deal or the drug store copy? I’d love to hear 🙂

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xo Shan

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