Golden Autumn

The chilly weather has made the leaves turn colour – but it doesn’t mean you need to put away the warm summer hues for good in your makeup routine. In a (probably too-routine) trip into Sephora I decided to take a look at what they had to keep a bronzed and warm complexion for the next season and I was happy to stumble upon a few products. Here’s what I found:


The first: Smash Box’s Photo Finish light foundation primer – a staple in my makeup routine. The reason I point this one out on this post (and ended up picking up a new bottle) was because I feel this formula really helps my skin during this cool time of year. Naturally, I have dry skin and am prone to blemishes and flakes. Using the primer before applying my foundation helps create a smooth and even palette to work with – ultimately keeping my make up on all day without needing to reapply. On the pricey side ($44) but a real winner in my books.

Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil was a new purchase I surprisingly never tried. I love their Gimme Brow fiber gel to help all a bit of volume and tame stray hairs, but still I was looking for a product to help fill in any spars areas. I find the pencil is super easy to use and – the best part, is super buildable. Having tried powders and gels, I’m happy with the amount that comes off the tip and the high level of control you have using it. Bonus – there’s a spoolie on the end to help comb and tame as you go! Using the two in tandem makes for the best combination for full brows.

Trying to go for a softer look – I’ve opted to using brown eye makeup as opposed to black. By swapping out my usual liner and mascara with Benefit’s They’re Real! in beyond brown and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Mad Max brown I find you achieve a much more neutral look while still framing your eyes and making your lashes stand out.

Now to the golden tones – how to add a little shine without too much shimmer. Being a fan of Urban Decay’s Naked line (see my last post here on how their original palette stands up to Maybelline’s dupe) I was excited to see they had a face addition out. Simple enough – a bronzer, highligher, and blush. The colours are beautiful, neutral, and very adaptable for all skin tones. The rosy blush adds a nice pop of colour while the bronzer and illuminator build a nice warm glow.IMG_6090

Lastly, a real pop of gold! I decided on Sephora’s Sunday Brunch #81 eye shadow as a little fun splurge. Surprisingly, I found this colour to be super adaptable – being able to incorporate it with my eye makeup at night, but also during the day at work. Paired and blended with a soft cream colour, this hue adds a little sparkle and a lot of warmth to your eyes.

What are your go-to’s for the fall? Do you still try to incorporate sun-inspired colours? I’d love to hear!

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xx Shan

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  1. Amazing natural soft glow I love it! I also love Smashbox’s photo finish it is amazing! I also found out that NYX Angel Veil works just as well, and half the price!

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