The crème de la crème of hair masks

Pamper alert – this product is a splurge but let me tell you, this has been a game changer for the health of my hair.FullSizeRender (4)

Heat, teasing, bleaching – you name it, and my hair has likely been through it. Though I try to be gentle on my hair, babying your strands can be easier said then done. Generally I use a deep-conditioning mask once a week to help nourish my hair after any damaging weekend styling and prep it for the next week. From coconut oil to drug store buys such as Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, I’ve dabbled in DIY to what’s-trending solutions to help resort softness and shine in my hair.

Phyto Paris’ Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask (available at Shoppers Drug Mart) is said to melt into the hair and instantly saturate the hair fiber without weighing it down. Filed with nutrients and amino acids, this mask penetrates deep into the hair follicle to help rebuild strength and structure on already damaged hair.

Generally when I use a mask I feel the results after the shower, when I’m blow drying, and hopefully the next day. So what’s different about this one?

Following the instructions of shampooing my hair, towel drying, and applying a quarter-sized amount into the mid-lengths to ends of my hair I stood in the shower and waited for 10 minutes hoping this Sunday-night ritual would leave me feeling relaxed and ready for bed. As I began rinsing my hair something felt different. My hair was heavy – not the “ugh there’s so much product in my hair” sort of heavy… but healthy, full, and thick. Assuming this was the catch of the product and it would just be an immediate effect that didn’t feel as great after blowdrying, I remained skeptical.

After towel drying my hair and following up with Phyto’s Exceptional Cream I blow dried my hair and headed to bed. It felt soft, smooth, and silky which isn’t the natural texture of my unruly hair. The next morning (the real test!) I flat ironed my hair as I got ready for work and woah, it was something else! The time it took to straighten my hair seemed to be cut in half and I was left with super silky strands which I’ll admit I couldn’t stop feeling throughout the day. Already I was fully impressed with the product – even sold.

The last part, which has entirely knocked this product out of the park for me, is the next night when I showered again. Expecting this miracle formula to last with one wash and be done I was shocked to find that as soon as I wet my hair, again it had that solid, full, and healthy feeling as I shampooed and conditioned with my regular products.

So, I’m a believer. To the point where I’ve dubbed this the creme de la creme of repairing hair products. The difference in my hair’s texture and health has vastly improved and it’s safe to say I’ll be keeping this in my Sunday night beauty regime!

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