The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven – All About Teasing

Whether you’re looking for a little oomph with your pony tail or a whole lotta volume, teasing is the easiest way to add to your hair without using extensions. This week I cover the how-to’s for a bigger do.

The products:

  • Bobby pins: lots of bobby pins! This is probably the most underrated hair accessory – you can seriously do just about anything with these little guys, including adding volume. When trying to achieve the “poof” on the top of my head (see the picture below), I will section the top half of my hair off with a mini-elastic after teasing. Next, take a couple of bobby pins and place them upside down IMG_9043(open end pointing to the ceiling) in behind the elastic. This adds support to the elastic as the bobby pins keep the hair up as they’re placed taunt against your head.
  • A teasing brush/comb: either a basic rattail, fine tooth comb or a teasing brush will do the job. Personally, I love my Danny Co. boar-bristled teasing brush from Trade Secrets.
  • Hair spray/wax spray: While I’m teasing I use any hairspray through the sections at my roots to help keep it in tact. To finish off the look I’ve been using KMS California’s Hair Play Dry Wax (think of a hair pomade but in a spray form). Since my hair seems to have a mind of its own, I use this to achieve a matte texture making the unruly hairs manageable. I love this stuff – but use it sparingly or else your hair will be left feeling heavy and too coated.

The basics:

  1. Generally I tease around the crown of my head when wearing my hair in a pony or French twist – this way it’s lifted up and gives your hair a fuller appearance.
  2. Since I only focus on the upper half, I begin by sectioning my hair
    Me and the beautiful Chelsea Brooks!

    into two parts – from about eye level-up I mimic how I would put my hair into a some-up-some-down pony.

  3. Tie the lower section with an elastic to keep it out of the way until you’re finished.
  4. Taking small sections, hold a strand of hair straight up towards the ceiling. Beginning about two inches from the root, gently back-comb the hair down towards your head. Make sure you use hair spray with each section as you go to ensure the teasing lasts. Keep doing that throughout the top section of the hair, back combing from the back side of the hair so it won’t be visible from the front of your hairdo.
  5. Once you’ve finished doing this throughout the top section (don’t worry – it’ll likely look really big at first!) carefully comb the front part of the hair to smooth out any bumps or fly-aways.
  6. Now style as usual.

And remember:“If anyone tells you your hair is too big, get rid of them… you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.”

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