Adding Volume in a Pinch

I love big hair. In fact, the bigger the better.

Born in the wrong decade? Maybe. Going to continue to tease it as big as I can? You bet.

I wrote a post all about teasing though sometimes you need just need a little help getting volume in a pinch without pulling out 80’s tools. Solution? Using a volumizing hair powder.

I’m a huge fan of volumizing powders – they’re super buildable, easy to use, and only a small amount of product is needed to do the job unlike other products (I’m looking at you hair mousse).

I’ll admit they take some getting used to; mainly the starchy texture it leaves in your roots is so unlike other products. Once you practice using the product you’ll quickly find it’s the best and quickest way to add height and volume to your hair without having to backcomb. Big Rock Hair

How to:

  • Using the end of a comb or your
    finger section and lift parts of your hair focusing on your crown (this is where you’re looking for volume).
  • Using Rock Your Hair’s BOMBSHELL Big Hair Powder ($16), gently tap product directly on to the roots. To make sure it’s blended well rub your fingers on your scalp as if you were massaging it.
  • Continue throughout the top sections of your hair: above your ears, under your bangs, and in the back top section to add height.

That’s really all it takes. Finish off with the matching SPRAY IT BIG hairspray ($16) to secure your waves (I used a 2 inch curling barrel to create some body through my ends) and you’re all set. Some extra lift with little fuss!

Questions, comments? I’d love to hear them!

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