PonyDry will change your life

Warning: you’re about to read an absolute rave review. IMG_7753.JPG

How can you cut your hair routine from half an hour to 7 minutes flat, preserve your colour, AND avoid damaging your hair for up to 100 washes?

When I first encountered this product I’ll admit I was skeptical. There has been a lot of buzz around PonyDry. With the tagline “Shower like your have short hair” it’s clear why heads have been turning over the newest product that claims to revolutionize your hair routine.

I recently posted on the challenges of keeping up with red hair, and how one of the solutions is to avoid shampooing every day in order to preserve your colour. Aside from just the potential of colour fade, shampooing every day leads to other issues that lead to unhealthy hair and scalp from striping essential oils and using heated tools more often then you need.

So, how does this product help? PonyDry acts like a shower cap – but it only protects the lengths of your hair from getting wet. By wrapping up your pony you’re still able to shampoo and condition your scalp (where the oil and build up generally occurs after a day or two) while keeping the rest of your hair absolutely sealed!

Photo courtesy of PonyDry.com


Too good to be true? I had questions in mind: how does it create a secure seal from the rest of your hair, how do you manage to wash your hair well enough while only tightly-tied-back hair is exposed, AND (the biggest one) how do you rinse out the suds properly without having them run down the length of your hair?



  1. Put your hair into a very tight, high pony tail.
  2. Slide the cap over your ponytail and pull the draw string at the base until it’s tight. The string is super durable – don’t be afraid to pull FullSizeRender (6).jpgand shimmy the extra material around to make sure the seal is secure.
  3. Wrap the draw string around the base of the pony once and fasten it to the pin.
  4. Now that you have the cap securely covering your pony tale, twist the cap around as if you were creating a bun. Do this all the way until you’ve reached the end of the cap and again secure this loop on the end into the pin.


pony 2
Photo courtesy of PonyDry.com 

Shower time

Now showering with the lengths of your hair pinned back is no doubt different then having your hair down as you usually would. Be sure to wet all sections of your hair by rotating around your shower head (… face the shower while looking up to wet the front top, turn to your left and right to wet each side, and turn away from the shower with your head down to get the bottom). When it comes to shampooing remember to only use half the amount you usually would since you’re working with much less hair. Instead of using the all-over lathering motion you usually would work your fingers in an up and down motion in each direction to make sure you’re following the direction of your hair (…forehead to crown, ears to crown, and nap of your neck to the upper back of the head). Lastly – rinsing. This was the part I was worried about. After sudding up with the shampoo I was curious how it would cleanly rinse while having my hair tied up though by using the same technique as when you initially wet your hair the shampoo and conditioner come out super easily! Make sure you’re thorough in rinsing and you’ll be good to go! This in itself cut down my shampooing/conditioning time in half!

Blow drying

After getting out of the shower pat dry the wet section of your hair and take the PonyDry out. I was surprised and impressed to find the lengths of my hair were completely dry and there was no residue in the wet section from my shampoo and conditioner. After taking your hair out of the elastic brush it out and blow dry as usual. What I found worked best was blow drying my hair upside down. By doing this the water doesn’t run down the dry lengths of your hair and you can create more volume.


This has got to be one of my favorite products I’ve tried. My hair feels fresh and clean without needing to completely restyle with the flat iron or wand. It was easy to use, great quality, and certainly lived up to its claims! It’s safe to say this will be staying a part of my hair regime. Major bonus – Pony Dry is environmentally friendly as it cuts down on your time in the shower (water), saves the amount of products you use (money), AND is Canadian!

Thoughts, questions, concerns? I’d love to hear ’em! Find out more information on where to buy and detailed instructions online at PonyDry.com.


xx Shan

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  1. It’s Canadian?! Wow. Sign me up. This seems really cool! I am going to look into getting this. Although I haven’t dyed my hair in years I still think this idea is great as it will keep my ends from getting dry with all that shampoo-ing. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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