The 5 post-workout essentials you need

I had the chance to sit down with Lyndsay Rideout – wife, mother, fitness guru, and probably the most all-around positive human beings I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her
Coach Shot.jpgsignature turquoise apparel is as bright as her matching blue eyes. Corporate marketer gone health and life coach, Lyndsay recently launched her own business Radiance, an all-encompassing brand that supports physical and mental well-being by supporting others as they achieve their most authentic selves. With her passion for fitness and communication, it’s safe to say Lyndsay has found her niche and loves what she is doing.

Balancing her fitness classes, business, family, and personal life is no easy feat. So, how does she do it? This week I write on the top five essentials you need in your gym bag to make it from your workout to your next place with no fuss – as told by the fitness chick herself.

  1. Cedar Wood Toner: Of course it shouldn’t have surprised me that this woman of many talents also makes all of her own products! Why cedar wood? This essential oil kills bacteria and is an instant way to feel freshened up while its grounding properties making you feel put-together and ready to get back to work. After your workout, simply wash your face and apply the toner.
  2. Energizing Spray: Again, using essential oils with distilled water works as a fantastic and natural way to freshen up post-workout. The aroma of a natural perfume beats the aerosol-scent of body sprays and the organic oil-based spritz lasts on your skin long after. Citrus is a great go-to as it leaves you feeling fresh and energized.
  3. Aloe Vera gel: Sometimes throwing your hair up in a bun post-work out isn’t an option. A real game changer for Lyndsay has been aloe vera gel – an easy and instant way to tame curly hair. Work a penny-sized amount through your ends to help ease unruly hairs and add shine and moisture to your locks.
  4. Coconut Oil: We all hear of the benefits that coconut oil will bring as a skin and hair treatment, but how about as a hair pomade? This is a favorite for keeping fly-away hairs in place plus your hair will thank you as it’s packed with nourishing fatty acids. Additionally, coconut oil acts as an amazing (and organic!) makeup remover. Quickly take off your makeup from before your workout in a quick swipe to get ready on the go and follow up with rinsing your face with water and applying the toner.
  5. Grounding rock and mantra: “I am focused
    _DSC1327 copy and I am fearless” is Lyndsay’s mantra she keeps on a Post It in her gym bag. Beauty plays as much of a role in your attitude then it does in your looks. Simply put, happy girls are the prettiest. Feeling a sense of accomplishment totally shows – whether it’s from fitting in that one-hour at the gym you challenged yourself to before work or a totally kickass workout that will leave you sore the next day. When you’re feeling happy it beams out your eyes and gives you a glow. Keeping your mantra on hand or a grounding rock in your bag to take a minute post-workout to reflect on how you’re doing and feeling is a great way to close the circle on your workout and bring on the day.

A big thank you to Lyndsay for sharing her tips! Be sure to check out the Radiance website and like her Facebook page to follow her updates, fitness tips, and videos.


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