Shaking things up

Big decisions are tough- especially when they push you out of your comfort zone.

Like every other 20-something year old I’ve tried finding my footing since graduation – what do I love doing, where should I work, and how can I find a career that gives me a sense of purpose? The more I thought about it the more I realized that all of these questions lead me back to one answer: writing.

Earlier this year I wrote a post on Beating the Winter Blues which was a bit different from my usual articles. As I mention, while I have a blast writing on hair and beauty, supporting a beautiful brain always comes first. Since then, the Spring of 2016 brought a ton of changes to my life that I didn’t expect: mainly getting accepted to do my Masters in Journalism and Communications and leaving my corporate job.

As I embark on my next chapter I’m excited to introduce a Lifestyle page to Gee Beauty Blog – good jams to listen to, tips and tricks for staying organized in work and school, and whatever else I pick up along the way that helps me feel good inside and out will be headed to this page.



The beauty blogging community has opened my world up to so many ideas, friendships, and flipped-turned my way of thinking as we connect across the globe. I hope you follow along on this new addition of GBB!

xo Shan




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