Fresh Start. Fresh Face.


First, I need to explain my lack of posts over the past month or so. If you follow my blog you know that earlier this year I decided to return to school to pursue a Master’s degree. But c’est la vie – of course there had to be another fun surprise thrown into the mix in order to make my life complete chaos. As I came to terms of leaving my job behind and preparing for the next challenging year ahead I got news that I’d have to move to a new apartment. All is well, I found a fabulous one bedroom close to campus that I love, love, love but the process in-between was high stress and didn’t allow me much time to be on here.

To prepare for a new school year as kids we would make the big trip to Staples to get new binders, markers, highlighters, and pencil cases. As a 20-something year old gal I found the natural place for me to head to to feel shiny and new was Sephora.

Fresh start. Fresh face. Makes sense, right?

Swapping out my summer makeup products which are a shade darker than my usual fair skin, I purchased new foundation, concealer, and setting powder and I am so happy with. I’ll point out that these products were on the pricier side but I’ve found time and time again that it’s incredibly difficult to find the same quality in drug store dupes when it comes to face products.

  1. Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation ($49).
    The consultant at Sephora did a fantastic job helping me match my shade to my true skin tone – I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this at the store! urban decay.jpgThere’s nothing worse then buying something that looks right under the fluorescent lights and going home to find it’s totally off. After trying out a few foundations I settled on this one for a couple of reasons – primarily because of the matte finish it dries to leaving my skin feel smooth and breathable (no icky caked on or oily feeling!). This foundation is full coverage, longwear, and waterproof which I’ve found helps it last all day through the humidity as we finish the dog days of summer.

  2. NARS Radiant, Creamy Concealer ($36). I have heard nothing but fantastic reviews on this concealer but to be honest could never bring myself to spend so much on such a small product. NARS.jpgFor ages I’ve been using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment ($10) which I was content with. Boy, let me tell you, until I tried this one by NARS I had no idea what a difference the right product could do. It entirely brightens and smoothes all lines or dark circles you may have (especially first thing in the morning). Honest, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at how much lighter and alert my eyes looked. It’s creamy and super bendable making it a great product to use just a dot of or to build it up to the coverage you need.

  3. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
    ($47). Oh lord, I did it. I caved and finally invested in which I think is the most exuberant beauty product I’ve ever purchased (well, debatable). laura-mercierSeriously though I knew that spending this much on a setting powder was a stretch, but again after all the hype of this product I needed to give it a try. Unless you’ve been living away from the internet over the past year you’ve heard of this stuff – in fact you may only recognize the Laura Mercier name in the beauty world because of this stuff. This loose, translucent powder is truly like an airbrush in a jar. After applying my concealer and foundation I dust a small amount over my entire face (with a bit of extra focus on my problem areas and under my eyes) and it completely sets everything. It looks natural and feels ultra-light yet it has the power to keep everything in place, eliminate shine, and last all day.

A big cut out of my paycheque but some really great goodies I can’t wait to use as I put my best foot (or face) forward in the new school year. Questions, comments, recommendations? I’d love to hear ’em!

xo Shan


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