Beating the Winter Blues

This article’s different from my usual writing. I have a blast writing on hair and beauty but supporting a beautiful brain always comes first!

It’s that time of the year: the anticipation of the holidays has passed and now we’re left hanging in this cold, snowy, and well – downer part of the season. You leave for work in the morning and it’s still dark out and as you head home the sun is almost down. It can be tough resisting the urge of coming home and putting on sweats and watching Netflix. So how can you keep your chin up and find the silver lining during this grey time of year?

Set goals (and make a schedule to meet them!) 

What’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time but haven’t had time for it? Whether it’s cleaning out your closet and donating clothes you never wear to the Goodwill, practicing your guitar that’s been collecting dust in the corner of your room, or following a fitness challenge to get in shape for summer, this slow time of year is the perfect time to go after it! Decide on what you want to achieve and set a realistic timeline on how to get there.

For me, it’s been all about getting active. I invested in a Fitbit to keep me on track and it’s been a great way to keep focused. Initially starting at the recommended 10K steps a day I’ve been upping mine by 2K each week. This has been a great (and realistic!) way to reach my goal of 20K a day in five weeks.

Whether it’s slowly working away at it for an hour of each night or dedicating an entire Saturday to meet your objective, the best way to get things done is by organizing your time. It will make you feel focused and accomplished – there’s no greater feeling than crossing something off your to-do list.

Listen to beats with good vibes

Music has the ability to affect your mood – happy, sad, tired, excited, relaxed – there’s a playlist for that. Recently I’ve gotten into using Spotify and I love it! From jamming to Throwback Thursday tracks, to pop and country artists I find these tunes resonate positive energy!

Some of my favourite (old and new) tracks at the moment! Click the thumbnails for details.

Get outside!

Yes, it’s cold. But if you dress for it you’re all set. Bringing together my ambitions of getting fit and getting fresh air, I’ve found that an hour-long walk at the end of each day really helps me unwind and reflect. It’s peaceful, calming, and a great way to have some time for yourself after a long school or work day.

Work on relationships

If you’re heading home to put on your sweats your girlfriends are likely doing the same thing too. Use this down time of the year to reconnect. Meet for coffee, see a movie, or even just make a phone call. Life’s goes quick and a lot can happen since the last time you chatted.

Get involved in something you wouldn’t usually dare to

A dance class? Spin? Coffee house? Go check out what’s going on in your community and try something new. It will be thrilling to shake up your routine and push out of your comfort zone as well as give you something fun to look forward to each week.

giphy (2).gif

Pamper yourself

Ah – I can’t not suggest some R&R to help lift spirits. Have a bubble bath. Paint your nails. Shave your legs (despite it being winter). It feels nice feeling putting together.

Above all, remember Spring is right around the corner! You got this.


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