Nasty Woman

Wake up and smell the coffee!

As many of you know, this semester has been completely nuts as I’m finishing up the last leg of my Master’s program. Staying up until 2 a.m. writing then heading to campus for 8:30 class has thrown my sleep routine out of whack to say the least – BUT, not to fear: Nasty Woman is here!

Nasty Woman is the ultimate shower nasty-woman-texture.jpgscrub/bath soak to start your morning with an energizing kick of caffeine, way to scrub away rough skin, leave your skin feeling insanely smooth, and push you to jump into your busy day. The powerhouse combination of ingredients including organic coffee grounds and orange and spearmint essential oils gets your blood pumping, while the coconut and sweet almond oils leave your skin soft and moisturized. Brown sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract bring it all together to give an amazing aroma somewhere between a your favourite coffeehouse and a Terry’s chocolate orange – I truly wish the technology to share smells was a reality so I could fully show how fantastic this product smells.

Made with exfoliating coffee grinds, this potion will give you fierce ladies all the energy you need to dismantle the patriarchy!

How to use: you can either apply as a scrub onto wet skin and rinse off in the shower, or use the scrub in the bath and let the grinds steam into a soak. Be sure to wipe down your tub after to clean up any of the coffee grounds let behind. nasty-woman-new-label

BONUS: Did you know that using coffee grounds on your skin enhances circulation, increases fat metabolism, and even helps diminish the look of cellulite? Bye bye thigh and bum dimples!

DOUBLE BONUS: Nasty Woman is made by Sugi Tree Studio – a local, Toronto-based business. As if buying local wasn’t great enough, Sugi Tree also donates 10 per cent of their proceeds to animal rescue.

This product has been such a sweet treat to get me through finals and I’m so enthusiastic about the brand as a whole. Be sure to check out Sugi Tree Studio’s website to find out more about their products and the amazing work they’re doing for the Toronto Humane Society, Ontario SPCA, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, and Wildlife Rescue Association of BC.

If you’re looking to shop local for quality-made products or are just as coffee-crazed as I currently am, Nasty Woman is a fabulous way to kick start your day.

So, play Girl on Fire, apply that mascara and make it happen. You got this.




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