Getting sun smart: SPF should be a part of your daily beauty routine

Aside from the brutal discomfort of getting a sunburn, did you know that 90% of visible signs of aging are a result of sun damage? That sure got my attention.

Knowing to wearing sunscreen is common sense however there’s a lot more to understanding how, why, and when we should be using it.

What to know 

  • Rain or shine: UV rays scatter through clouds and haze allowing up to 80% to pass through.
  • Reflection: Ever wonder why you get more sun during a day at the beach or pool? UV rays reflect up to 85% off of water and sand leaving you more vulnerable to getting burned.
  • A shot for safety: When dressed in a swim suit, it is recommended you use 1 oz. of sunscreen to safely protect your entire body.
  • Head, shoulders, knees, and toes: Remember to get every where the sun touches! Your hairline, ears, and back of the neck area easily forgotten.
  • Think ahead: Sunscreen takes 30 minutes to soak into the skin. Be sure to lotion up before you head outside.
  • Reapply: Be sure to top off every two hours (and more frequently if you’re swimming or sweating).
  • Accessorize: Remember that the best way to not get burned is by covering up. Be sure to bring along a wide brim hat, sunnies, and a coverup.
  • Take a break: The sun’s harmful rays are strongest between 10AM – 2PM. Be sure to take some time in the shade between these hours.

What to wear

Sunscreen has come a long way from the original formula we grew up with: you know the thick, heavy lotion that would leave your skin feeling slick, greasy and scented with that fragrance (you know the smell – instant childhood nostalgia). Instead, now there are a ton of options on the market that make it easier (and more appealing) to be sun safe on the go. ClearlySheerSpray

Coppertone has been the go-to brand for my family for as long as I can remember. From our parents lathering us up with the lotion at the beach as kids to using the sports spray throughout high school the bottle with the classic Coppertone Girl on it has never failed.

They recently launched their CLEARLY Sheer line and I love it! First, it smells amazing. It’s floral and citrus-y scent is light, fresh, and even had my friends asking what I was wearing. Second, say goodbye to that greasy feeling! It’s spray formula dries matte leaving your skin feeling smooth and slick-free. It’s water-resistant formula is super hydrating and leaves you feeling soft which is also a plus. The last major bonus? It’s clinically tested to not clog pores which means it’s a great fit for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

This spray has become an easy and welcomed addition to my makeup routine throughout the summer months. Zero breakouts. Zero sunburns. Zero excuses not to be wearing SPF everyday.


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