Getting pearly whites with sensitive teeth

A month ago I would have never written a positive post on whitening strips. I hated them.

Every single time I would make the mistake of trying Crest White Strips again (not learning from my past experiences) I would instantly regret using them as my teeth ended up aching for hours later – I’m talking absolute agony. For someone who doesn’t have overly-sensitive teeth I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I would even prep my teeth days before by using Sensodyne. Girlfriends would give me tips – don’t brush your teeth right before, pop a Tylenol before you use them, or even though it says to leave them on for an hour just do it for 15 or 20 minutes. At $65 for a box it was definitely not worth the hassle. 13874935_10153870459685888_1460858893_n

Enter Mr. Blanc whitening strips. This brand has been taking social media by storm with celebrity endorsements including Ashley Tisdale and Stephanie Pratt,  Instagram models, and beauty bloggers (guilty). So what’s all the fuss?

The difference with these strips compared to the traditional whitening products on the market is that they are completely peroxide-free (ergo, no pain) and what a difference it makes.

I’ve been using both the Original and the Express Top Ups and have had nothing but a great experience and whiter smile each time. They’re super easy to use, and if anything I find that the strips fit to your teeth much better than the competitors. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to whiten your teeth I’d recommend checking their website out and giving them a try.

Mr Blanc 1.jpg

Comment below with your experiences or if you have any questions!


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