I’ve always been skeptical of waxing for a couple of reasons. First, I have crazy, over-sensitive skin that decides to breakout into a full-blown reaction when I try new products. Second, putting your trust into a stranger to shape your eyebrows sends me into low-key panic mode.

What if they slip and take the whole thing off?

The idea of having the hairs ripped out “in one quick pain-free motion” just makes me think of the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Monica are pulling off each other’s wax strips in total distress.


While my life may be filled with constantly referencing Friends episodes, I gotta admit my latest waxing experience wasn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be.

WAXON is a Canadian-based brand which has shops opening up across the country. From their flagship location in Toronto all the way out to Halifax and up to Muskoka, the ladies behind WAXON are passionate, enthusiastic and expertly trained on what they do. While I had a few nerves when I was invited to check out the new London location, my love to support local businesses and realization my brows (which I had put off plucking for … 3 weeks now) were in some serious need of help and ultimately won the internal conflict.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I have to say it was so fun an enjoyable!

When you first walk in your greeted by the trendiest, chic setting that makes you wonder if you should be ordering a martini or a brazilian. The ladies are all so welcoming and make you feel like a VIP – I can see where the inspiration of the name “wax bar” comes from.

Not only did I walk away with beautifully shaped brows, but there was no redness, irritation or swelling like I’ve experienced before.

FullSizeRender 3
Even the wax looks fancy AF.

Between the combination of their four speciality waxes, soothing and numbing creams, and after-care products, I came out feeling pampered and like I actually could be heading out for a night on the town (as opposed to running home and hiding a broken-out face!).

The thing I really appreciated about WAXON is that they’re just about waxing – no trying to add on with every sale… no being told “you’re lashes would look great filled” or asked “have you heard of microblading?” They just doing waxing! I should note, however, they do have some cool products including brow fillers and lotions to help with keeping your skin smooth (and ingrown hair free!) after waxing, but it’s truly a place you can feel good about running in and out of and getting back to business.

If you’re around in Ontario I would for sure recommend checking out their locations and seeing what it’s all about.


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