Cleaning your brushes: the ridiculously easy thing we should be doing, but aren’t.

There’s no bigger reality check on your spending habits than hearing how many Beauty Points you have at Sephora. I haven’t cashed mine in in quite sometime, so hearing the point-per-dollar figure at every purchase makes me really think over my life choices. HOWEVER, as much as we may dole out on makeup, one thing that won’t expire is your brushes. In fact, if you take good care of them they can last for 5+ years. So, how do you keep them in tip-top shape?

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When you think of the amount of products used on your brushes you can only imagine how much buildup, dirt, oils and dander can be left behind – and then you apply it to your face! Just as you pamper your skin you should be sure to give the tools you use on it the same treatment.

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be done once every week – but this varies on how often you’re using them. A foundation or kabuki brush should be cleaned more often since you’re using heavy product on it each day whereas a brushes you don’t use in your daily routine can be done less often.

If you’re looking for a good brand of brushes to invest in, I’d strongly recommend Real Techniques. I’ve been using them for years and have never been disappointed. They’re affordable and super high quality. 

What you’ll need:

  • Your brushes
  • Sink
  • Warm water
  • Silicone brush cleaning palette (I found mine for only $6 at Winners!)
  • Clarifying or baby shampoo – my personal favourite is Aveeno’s Baby Wash & Shampoo ($6 at the drug store). These will be super gentle on the synthetic bristles while getting rid of all the makeup.
  • Towel

While you can just use your sink, I really like how the groves in a cleaning palette help break down all the build up and achieve a deeper clean.


  • First, rinse your brushes under warm water, FullSizeRender 8but be careful not to fully submerge the brush as it can lead to shedding and damaging the base.
  • Apply some baby shampoo directly onto the palette and massage the bristles of your brush.
  • Up, down, circular from side to side – allow all of the built up product to be lathered.
  • Rinse under warm water in the sink (and be amazed at how much product washes out!).
  • Squeeze access water off with a towel by dabbing each side.
  • Do this before bed and leave them laying out on a bath towel overnight to dry and you’ll be all set for your morning routine!

Voila! Squeaky clean brushes. Taking the time to do this can be a total pain, but I’ve found that making a point of including it in my Sunday night routine has really helped.

The ends of the brushes are white and look brand new!

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