Week in Tennessee – style guide

While it is important to always be prepared when you’re travelling, I’ll be the first to admit that I generally over do it.

What if it gets cold and I need a jacket? What if it rains and I need my Hunters? What if there’s a pool and I need a bikini? I should pack my favourite 3 just in case!

Am I aware of how irrational this is? Yes. Does it stop me from bringing along my entire closet when I go away for a week? Nope.

Last year I wrote a post on how to pack like a champ by only bringing a carry-on and I actually feel like I learned a lot when I sat down and created rules for myself. Although my latest adventure didn’t require flights since we did a good ol’ fashioned road trip, I still really tried to pack light – for the sake of space in the car and my sanity. Creating a detailed itinerary helped A LOT. Each day, we generally knew what we’d be doing, so it was easy to pack according to the excursions rather than the million theoretical things I could come up with in my head. If you didn’t catch my post on our trip, you can find it here.

I tried to bring staple pieces such as dresses and rompers which I knew would be one easy piece of clothing for the whole day. Also, I packed only a few different pairs of shoes and boots which I knew I would could pair with multiple outfits. Lastly, I brought along pieces which were good for layering (my denim coat, etc.). This way you can switch up your outfits throughout the day since they’re so versatile and easy to add on or lose depending on the weather.

All black

I just had to wear this adorable black romper from Tobi while we were in Memphis – it’s the perfect mix of Johnny Cash and Elvis. Honouring the Man in Black and the King with those killer, flared sleeves, this outfit was so much fun. It’s super sassy, yet the ruffles make it feel cutesy and feminine. Paired with a pair of Chinese Laundry black wedges, this was a super easy outfit for our night out on Beale Street.


Rompers for the win

Rompers are hands down my favourite outfit for travel (and probably just in general too). I picked up both of these at Abercrombie – yes! Abercrombie and Fitch. My friends tease me for still shopping at our favourite store from high school, but I can’t even be bothered. Their styles are still super cute and when you catch their redline sales online, they’re super affordable. Each were purchased for under $25!


Classic country 

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a fan of the colour green! I really loved these two dresses.

The first one from Tobi gives total retro vibes of the Grand Ole Opry. It’s simple, sweet and classic. Paired with a pair of Steve Madden cowgirl booties.

The second dress by Monteau Los Angeles (found at Winners!) is really similar in its colour, waistline and flare, but the it’s sleeveless top is perfect for dancing. Paired with Boulet cowgirl boots from Coakleys here in London. These boots are my most prized possession – for more info on shopping local for Western wear, be sure to check out my Summer Nights post.


Forever in blue jeans

Of course I have to talk about denim when it comes to a trip to the home of country. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Of all the jeans I own (an embarrassing 30+ pairs – it’s a problem, I KNOW) my favourite and most tried and true pairs are also from Abercrombie. Seriously. I’ve had some pairs for more than five years, and they are still in great condition. They’re worn in all the right places, still fit true to when I bought them, and the colour never bleeds. Again, keep an eye out for sales and you can snatch pairs for 30 bucks!


And that’s it! Light, easy, and fun styles the whole way through.

Comments? Packing tips? I’d love to hear ’em!

xx Shan

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