Essential oils: curing everything from hangovers to your time of the month

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had a fascination with scents. From sneaking spritzes of my Mother’s Chanel when she wasn’t looking to begging for my first real bottle perfume for my 13th birthday (you know, no more body mists – but the good stuff) I’ve always made a connection with scents. Mood, season, past relationships – smelling a certain fragrance can bring me right back to a moment in time. Now, I’ll admit it would be a real challenge to pry my bottle of Vera Wang Princess out of my hands for good, but after much research it’s come to my attention that as amazing as they smell, synthetic fragrances contain a ton of chemicals which are not labelled.

An organization commissioned a study concerning chemicals in cosmetics and discovered that 38 “secret” ingredients were found in 17 of the leading fragrances on the market including Chanel, Britney Spears, and Giorgio Armani. What’s worse? These aren’t the only perps – the average fragrance tested was found to have 14 of these unlabeled ingredients.

So, as a lover scents, what’s the solution?

Going to the root of the product – just the good stuff! Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils offer chemical free aroma’s which are derived right from the plant with no additives or fillers. From using a few drops in your bath, in a diffusion/humidifier, or right on your skin, these oils not only smell rich and pure but also have a number of benefits. From lavender, to oregano, to eucalyptus these mighty oils have anti-inflammatory, sedative, and even antidepressant properties. Get the full scoop on the most popular oils and what they’re known for here.

A big supporter of shopping locally and now wanting to explore the world of essential oils, I was delighted to come across Here & Now Botanicals, a Canadian company based out of Vancouver, BC which specializes in handmade essential oil blends. From aromatherapy mists to skin care, this unique brand has a load of fun concoctions which speak to any mood. My personal favorites include:


  1. Hangover Cure: we’ve all been there. Whether it’s a painful Saturday morning after a few too many or a rough state of mind after a long week, this mist honest to god makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay. With ingredients including peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender oil, it feels absolutely invigorating to spritz on your face and take a deep breath in. Soothing congestion, nausea, and headaches it’s revitalizing properties make you feel alert – and most importantly, ready to get started on your day.
  2. She: not only is this little roller of aromatherapy oil extremely sheconvenient to throw in your clutch, but it has become an easy (and healthy) alternative to popping Midol during your… er, time of the month. Seriously. This mighty oil includes sunflower, rose, and pine oils which create a perfect combination of calming properties known for balancing hormones (and moods). The scent if fresh and soothing and makes the emotions of being PMS-y a little less messy.

Over the past few months I’ve incorporated essential oils into not only my beauty but also my health regime. From bath time to bedtime, I love a calming spritz during my night time routine as well as a few drops in my humidifier which I keep on while I sleep. Overall, I’ve found the switch over to essential oils from synthetic fragrances overwhelmingly positive. After all, if we’re conscious of what we’re putting in our bodies by the means of food, then why not about what we’re putting on our bodies?

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear ’em!

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