Lazy Girl Curls

I hate summer.

There, I said it.

haaaaaaaaate it.

While every girl is posting poolside photos with captions about how they’re living their best lives, I’m dying and want to go back inside where the sweet, sweet A/C is blasting.

My apologies if I’ve already offended you with this post. What I’m about to share is worthwhile, and I promise that I’ll be nicer in the fall.

As I was saying, humidity and heat aren’t my friends and I recently got to the point where I’d given up (on my hair that is — you are on a beauty blog, after all). After spending so much time in the mornings straightening or curling my hair only to have it  blow up into a lion’s mane by the time I got to work, one night I said screw it and after my shower I put some product in my hair and went to bed with it still wet. Messy bun it is.


But, much to my astonishment, I woke up and my hair was actually pretty on point. It was a mix of waves and curls, and it wasn’t half bad. I actually don’t think I could have done it better with a curling wand had I tried.

What I thought was going to be a bad hair day at work was actually the day I think I received the most compliments on my hair ever.

The magic ingredient for this no fuss, no heat, roll out of bed miracle? Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream ($7). Really, that’s it.


  • Wash and condition your hair.
  • Put it up in a towel (or old t-shirt, which is much better for your hair!)
  • Look at your Instagram feed for 10
  • Take towel/t-shirt off.
  • DON’T brush your hair. Don’t do it. Embrace the mess.
  • Spray some hair product on it if that’s what you usually do.
  • Take a big glob of the texturizing hair cream, rub it over the palms of your hands and start scrunching your hair up in every direction.
  • Wash your hands. This product feels super sticky before it sets.
  • Watch TV, call back your friends, make your lunch for tomorrow, or whatever you do for the last hour before bed.
  • Sleep.
  • Wake up with lazy girl curls.

Since that morning I’ve tried a couple of variations, but this product is really the only thing I’ve come across that keeps a curl and combats frizz in my crazy hair. The only other thing I’ve used (because my hair is so thick, coarse and unruly) is KMS Hair Stay Anti-Hummidity Spray  to keep my hair tamed from the humidity outside. However, it’s worth mentioning that Garnier’s Frizz Guard is great dupe for a fraction of the price ($5). NYM also has a good sea salt spray of the same Beach Babe line that works well with this which I find is nice for touch ups during the day to give your hair a little texture.

If you wake up and there’s some pieces going in crazy directions from while you were sleeping, feel free the touch them up with a curling wand. But, that’s really all it is.

Finally, at age 25, I’ve achieved my grade five dream of having Mary Kate and Ashley’s hair in So Little Time.



Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear ’em! Be sure to follow along on my Instagram for updates.


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