GBB turns 4!

September is simply the best. With the leaves changing colour, back to school, sweet autumn styles and my birthday, I always am so excited to welcome the fall as it brings on a new chapter in my life! Now, September includes yet another occasion which is very dear to my heart: the anniversary of this blog!

Gotta be able to laugh at yourself… here’s my first ever promo picture for my blog.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you likely know that this whole writing adventure started out as a school project back during my study in Public Relations. Faced with the challenge of having to create a website I had noooooooย idea where to even start. Always changing up my hair and trying out new products, I took my classmates advice on writing about my successes (and mishaps!) and well, now, I guess the rest is history.

Originally GBB was called “Red Hot Hair Tips” (**cringe**) but honestly now after a few years of doing this, it’s fun to look back on my old articles and see how much has changed with everything from my style to my writing.

As always, a HUGE thank you to this amazing blogging community, friends and family, who have cheered me on to keep this going.

I have a ton of fun and exciting content planned! Be sure to follow along for updates.

xo Shan

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