6 Things You Need in Your Work Emergency Kit

As Shania sang, “My pantyline shows-got a run in my hose. My hair went flat. Man, I hate that!” we know that Honey, I’m Home is an anthem for the working woman and the unlucky accidents that can happen while on the job.

Mishaps happen and in my experience they have a delightful way of playing out while at work. Spill on a white blouse, run in your stockings, and blisters when wearing new heels can all come with the job. Solution? Packing a go-to emergency kit to have on hand.

  1. Clear nail polish300

Nip runs in your pantyhose at the bud by applying a thin layer of clear nail polish on either end of the run. This will last through the day until you get home without tearing further.

2. Bounce sheets

Ever take your jacket off and feel your blouse bounce-sheets.pngclinging to you for dear life? Or your hair begins stray in all directions as if you rubbed a balloon on it? The dry air in office buildings can create a super-staticky environment which does not do any favors during the winter months. Quick and easy solution – take a Bounce dryer sheet and rub it over shirt as well as over your strands to kill the frizz and cling!

3. Lip Balm

As mentioned, offices (especially during thechopsaver-2-pak winter months)
can have a brutal drying effect. Make sure you always have a tried and true lip balm to sooth dry lips and prevent chapping. A great one to try is Chop Saver ($5). This fun find was actually created for musicians but does the trick for the working gal!

4. Lint Rollerscotch.jpg

Black office clothes, white pooch. Need I say more? I think I’m a little lint roller-obsessed as I keep one handy in my room, car, and office drawer.

5. Stain Remover

Food spills, drips and drops happen on office clothes.tidwe A fan of pastels and a lover of great food, take it from me I’ve been there (embarrassingly) too many times. My go to is ironically Tide to Go. It’s small packaging allows you to throw it in your purse or top drawer at work and it’s great fast-acting formula gets marks off your clothes quickly before staining or having to stand under the sink and hand dryer in the bathroom.

6. Band-Aidsband-aid-flexible-fabric-adhesive-bandage-beige-pic1.jpg

May I please repeat Band-Aids! Whether it’s for a nick on your finger
from a paper cut or a brutal blister from breaking in those new heels that seemed like a great idea to wear to work, these little guys come in handy.


More to add? Questions on any of the mentioned? I’d love to hear them!



2 thoughts

  1. This is so true, these things are absolute essentials. I’ve loved reading and following your blog so far, so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Awards (posted on my blog)!


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