This four-ingredient mask will save your hair

In my lazy girl curls blog I complained about how much I hate the summer. So, despite the freezing -20°C weather we’ve been experiencing this week, I’ll bite my tongue. However, I will say that this cold has been making my hair look and feel absolutely wretched.

I’ve started to get into a new groove of staying in Friday nights to get stuff done so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend with my friends and boyfriend. I finally laid on the couch — laundry done and ready to binge on Netflix — when the thought crossed my mind that I should hit two birds with one stone and throw on a hair mask while I’m sitting around. Of course, when I went to my bin of half-used bottles of products, I couldn’t find a single one.


At this point I decided I’d try my hand at making my own with ingredients I already had. How hard could it be?

After a few Google searches I found that there’s an insane amount of DIY hair mask recipes out there. From beer to mayonnaise, it became clear that I wasn’t the first person to try to concoct a mask by using a bunch of crap they found in their fridge.

I settled on four (less scary) ingredients: avocado, banana, olive oil and honey. Here’s why:

  • Avocado: we already know that avocados are supposed to be God’s natural gift to beauty. It’s rich in amino fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants which helps repair and condition your hair and scalp.
  • Banana: they’re full of vitamins, potassium and natural oils to help keep your hair soft and flexible. They’re also supposed to be good for preventing breakage and split ends — exactly what my sad hair needed help with.
  • Olive oil: this one’s been used for as long as woman has been trying to tame her hair. It’s packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E which “help penetrated the hair shaft and rebalance the hair’s ability to hold moisture.”*
  • Honey: this one’s more for your scalp than your hair; because of it’s antibacterial properties, it helps sooth eczema and psoriasis which I’m a victim of (especially in the winter). Major plus: it also helps control dandruff which is a big problem for a lot of people during the cold months.

I threw the ingredients into the blender with some water to thin out the consistency, wrapped a towel around my shoulders, divvied up my hair into sections and slathered it on. But, I didn’t stop there. Keeping in mind how good these ingredients are for both the hair and scalp, I massaged it all in for a few minutes then twisted it up into a bun with a claw clip.


*** I wouldn’t be a true beauty blogger if I didn’t dedicate a line here to describe how amazing this smelled. 10/10.***

Pro tips:

  • Be sure that you use a blender for this. While avocados are pretty easy to mash, I read some pretty bad accounts from girls who were left to pick little pieces of banana out of their hair when it wasn’t blended enough.
  • Add warm water. Applying the goop onto your hair is much more enjoyable when you’re not working with cold product.
  • Make sure you’re dog doesn’t need to go outside for the next hour. Having to put a shower cap on under my toque and stand outside in this frigid cold with wet hair wasn’t fun.

I let the mixture sit on my hair for a good hour then hopped in the shower and washed my hair as I usually would. Already as I was rinsing out my shampoo and conditioner, I could feel a huge difference in my hair. It felt smooth, thick and much more flexible than before. Even after it had dried, it felt just as good. And, despite giving my hair a good shampooing, I can still smell the sweetness of the banana and honey.

From my scalp to the ends of my hair, I feel a big difference. I’m actually shocked how easy and affordable it was to make my own mix vs. buying an expensive salon one. I hope this easy recipe helps give your hair some life during this dull time of year!

Have you tried your own DIY hair mask before? If so, are there any recommendations I should try? Let me know below in the comments.

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