Shannon Emily Gee – Oakville, ONcropped-fullsizerender-3.jpg

I spend my 9-5 in the writing about safety, but my downtime is dedicated to tackling new how-tos for every type of ‘do.

I can’t live without: Under-eye concealer and hairspray.

Beauty icon: Connie Britton. To me, she’s the epitome of class and timeless beauty and (needless to say) her hair is fabulous.

Best beauty advice: I’m a firm believer that happy girls are the prettiest. The best accessory a girl has is her smile! Less is more when it comes to makeup, use cosmetics as a tool to help accentuate your features – not cover them up!

For PR inquiries please contact shannonemilygee@gmail.com

5 thoughts

  1. hey bby,
    cashed you out at sephora, and when you told me you had a beauty blog I wasn’t expecting THIS!! you’re amazing keep going girl. Much love xx


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